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Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is fired at a higher temperature than other types of ceramic, resulting in its glossy finish. Its translucent nature is achieved by producing the mineral mullite during the firing process. The result is a creamy white ceramic texture. For home décor, ceramics trays are often used in kitchens and bathrooms because of their water resistance. You’ll also find porcelain ceramics used in various styles of attractive décor including statues, candle holders and dishes. World Buyers stocks a wide range of beautiful wholesale ceramic décor suitable for any customers. Shop World Buyers for ceramic statues, porcelain trays, cups and get more bang for your buck!

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Butterfly Mug *Butterfly Garden Mug

DDC193 - 8Pc Min - 3.5” Dia x5”H +2”Handle

Bizzy Bee Ceramic Plate .Bizzy Bee Plate

VDC185 - 4Pc Min - 6.81x8.81x1"H

Wesley the Whale Ceramic Plate *Wesley the Whale Ceramic Plate

VDC67 - 4Pc Min - 11x6.25x1”H

Wesley the Whale Dish Ceramic Teal *Wesley the Whale Dish Ceramic Teal

VDC74 - 6Pc Min - 7.5x5x1.25”H

Ceramic Fish Plate *Dotina Fish Plate Marine Blue

VDC88 - 6Pc Min - 8x5.75x.88”H

Baby Octopus Mug White Iridescent *Baby Octo Mug White Iridescent

VDC126 - 6Pc Min - 3.56x3.94x4.56"H +1.38"Handle

Cat Nap Planter Ceramic Gray *Cat Nap Planter Ceramic Gray

VDC139 - 4Pc Min - 7x2.75x4.5”H

Walter The Whale Mug *Walter The Whale Mug

DHA108 - 6Pc Min - 3.44”Dia x4.13”H +Handle

Troxy Fox Mini Pot *Troxy Fox Mini Pot

VDC173 - 6Pc Min - 4”Dia x2.25”H

Loxy Fox Pot *Loxy Fox Pot

VDC171 - 3Pc Min - 5.06x6.75x6.13”H

Buddha Iridescent Rainbow *Vitarka Buddha Statue Glass

DDC105 - 2Pc Min - 6.5x4.5x10.25”H

Donnie Deer Ring Tray *Donnie Dear Ring Tray 1Dz

DDC156 - 1Doz Min - 3.45x3.31x.63"H

Lonny Dear Ring Tray *Lonny Dear Ring Tray 1Dz

DDC157 - 1Doz Min - 3.69x3.25x.69"H

Pinkly Car Ceramic Dish *Pinkly Cat Ceramic Bowl Lrg

DDC133 - 6Pc Min - Large 6 W x 1.44 Hx 6.25"L

Smiley Cloud Ceramic Tray *Smiley Cloud Ceramic Tray 1Dz

DDC135 - 1Doz Min - 6x4x.88"H

Something's Fishy Ceramic Bowl *Something's Fishy Ceramic Bowl

DDC139 - 6Pc Min - 6.31x3.5x2"H

Marin Mermaid Ceramic Plate *Marin Mermaid Ceramic Plate

DDC143 - 6Pc Min - 5"Sq x.75"H

Marin Rising Mermaid Ceramic Plate *Marin Rising Mermaid Ceramic Plate

DDC144 - 6Pc Min - 6.13"Dia x.75"H

Marin Posing Mermaid Ceramic Plate *Marin Posing Mermaid Ceramic Plate

DDC145 - 6Pc Min - 6.13"Dia x.75"H

Lakeshore Garden Ceramic Pot& Tray ~Lakeshore Garden Ceramic Planter Pot& Tray Asst Doz

SDC410WB  - 1Doz Min - 4 x 2"H w/tray

Forest Garden Ceramic Pot ~Forest Garden Ceramic Planter Pot Asst Doz

SDC411WB  - 1Doz Min - 5.5  x 2.87"H

Homestead Garden Ceramic Pot ~Homestead Garden Ceramic Planter Pot Asst Doz

SDC412WB - 1Doz Min - 4.12 x 3.12"H

Desert Garden Ceramic Pot ~Seaside Garden Ceramic Planter Pot Asst Doz

SDC413WB - 1Doz Min - 4.12 x 2.75"H
Smaller Version

Desert Garden Ceramic Pot ~Desert Garden Ceramic Planter Pot Asst Doz

SDC414WB  - 1Doz Min - 3.5 x 3.5"H

Desert Garden Ceramic Pot ~Desert Garden Ceramic Planter Pot Asst Doz

SDC415WB - 1Doz Min - 4.13 x 3.5"H
Larger Version

Cottage Garden Ceramic Pot Asst ~Cottage Garden Ceramic Planter Pot Asst Doz

SDC416WB  - 1Doz Min - 3  x 2.5"H

Tree of Life Oil Burner *Small Tree Of Life Oil Burners Asst 1Dz

SDC318WB - 1Doz Min - 2”Dia x2.19”H

Capitan Travel Trailer Ceramic Ecru and Blue *Capitan Travel Trailer Ceramic Blue

VDC131 - 4Pc Min - 8.25x6.25x.75”H BLUE

Monterey Travel Camper Pot Ceramic *Monterey Travel Camper Pot

VDC141 - 3Pc Min - 8.75x2.75x5.94”H

Dudley Ceramic Pot Vase *Dudley Ceramic Pot Vase

VDC150 - 4Pc Min - 4.69”Dia x7”H

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