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Decorative accent boxes are a great way to organize keepsakes and other items you don’t want left unprotected. . World Buyers offers one of a beautiful collection of decorative jewelry and keepsake boxes online. Our catalog features boxes made from glass, shells and beads in many styles, and sizes. You’ll find themes such as butterflies, unicorns, mermaids, Day of the Dead, floral and more. They’re great for jewelry and other keepsakes. For a wide selection of decorative boxes at great wholesale prices, look no further than World Buyers.

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Recycled Magazine Heart Box -Recycled Magazine Heart Box

TLV145 - 6Pc Min - 3.94x3.56x1.44"H

Wishing Vintage Mermaid Pillbox ~Wishing Mermaids Pill Box Antq Metal

KA436W - 1Doz Min - 2.13x1.75x.06”H  Asst Doz

Alchemy Shoppe Pill Box ~Alchemy Shoppe Pill Box Asst Dz

KA438W 1 Dozen Min  2.13x1.75x.06”H

Bee Garden Pill Box ~Bee Garden Pill Box Asst Dz

KA439W 1 Dozen Min  2.13x1.75x.06”H

Power Message Pill Box ~Power Message Pill Box

Power Message Pill Box

Pop -Art Women Pill Box ~Pop -Art Women Pill Box Asst Dz

KA441W- 1Doz Min - 2.13x1.75x.06”H

Wounded Heart Pill Box ~Wounded Heart Pill Box Asst Dz

KA442W 1 Dozen Min  2.13x1.75x.06”H

Rosy Sugar Skull Glass Box *Rosy Sugar Skull Glass Box

KA222 - 2Pc Min - 4"Sq x2.25”H

Little Mermaid Jewelry Box White/Iridescent *Little Mermaid Jewelry Box White/Iridescent

CBG107 - 6Pc Min - 3.63x3.25x3.63"H

Baby Octo Cove Round Box -Octo Cove Round Box

XD134 - 8Pc Min - 3.88”Dia x3.75”H

Gilda Mermaid Box -Gilda Mermaid Box

EA823 - 4Pc Min - 2.75x2.13x1.13”H +Mermaid

Cactus Garden Capiz Shell Nesting Boxes *Cactus Garden Capiz Shell Nesting Boxes 3Pc Set

MW50 - 2Set Min - 4.25x3.13x2"H

Unicorn Paradise Glass Box *Unicorn Paradise Glass Box

KA328 - 2Pc Min - 4x4x2.25"H

Kuan Yin Goddess Keepsake Box -Kuan Yin Goddess Keepsake Box

SCC116 - 4Pc Min - 2.5x3.63x1.63”H

Vintage Mermaid Pillbox -Vintage Mermaid Pillboxes Asst 1Dz

KA398W - 1Doz Min - 2.13x1.75x.06”H

Hamsa Trinket Box _Hamsa Trinket Box Asst

KA420W - 6Pc Min - 2.13”Dia x1.19”H

Iridescent Nautilus Trinket Box _Iridescent Nautilus Trinket Box

KA425W - 6Pc Min - 2.13”Dia x1.19”H

Llama Garden Glass Box *Llama Garden Glass Box

KA394 - 2Pc Min - 4"Sq x2.13"H

Rainwater Colored Glass Ring Box -Rainwater Colored Glass Ring Boxes Asst 12Pc Display

PTS161 - 1Display Min - 1.44x1.25x.63”H

Rainwater Glass Ring Boxes -Rainwater Colored Glass Ring Boxes Asst 12Pc Display

PTS160 - 1Display Min - 2”Sq x1.44”H

Witness Buddha Box -Witness Buddha Box

SCC85 - 6Pc Min - 2.5x3.63x1.63”H

Butterfly Glass Box -Butterfly Glass Box

KA45 - 2Pc Min - 5.25x3.25x2.25”H

Sparkle Inlay Sml Boxes -Small Sparkle Inlay Boxes Asst 1Dz

WB06 - 1Doz Min - 1.75”Dia

Rainbow Jewels Treasure Box -Rainbow Jewels Treasure Boxes Asst 1Dz

WB1011 - 1Doz Min - 2x1.63x1.75”H

Sparkle Ring Box -Sparkle Ring Boxes Asst 1Dz

WB1013 - 1Doz Min - 1.75”Dia x1.25”H

Cats & Bows Glass Box -Cats & Bows Glass Box

KA261 - 2Pc Min - 4"Sq x2.25”H

Dog Show Glass Box -Dog Show Glass Box

KA262 - 2Pc Min - 4"Sq x2.25”H

Jeweled Treasure Box -Jeweled Treasure Boxes Asst 1Dz

WB56 - 1Doz Min - 3.5”Dia x2.25”H

Decorative boxes for jewelry or any stash!  Many styles and sizes to choose from. Perfect for special keepsakes.