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If your looking for beautiful and unique glass magnets for your store, you will be delighted with our designs in many themes. Your customers will enjoy magnet gift sets or choose to select single decorative  magnets from our convenient wholesale magnet displays. Choose from succulent magnets, cat magnets, bird magnets and more! Also see the best selection of stunning butterfly clips in realistic styles along with artistic designs.  Your customers will love these!
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*Peacock Magnets *Peacock Magnets

KA178 - 6Pc Min - 1.25" Sq
Super Clearance!

Coffee & Cups Magnet Display ~Coffee & Cups Magnet Display

CBG142W  1set Min  36Pcs Glass Magnet 1.5"Dia x.38"H

Donut & Pastry Magnet Display ~Donut & Pastry Magnet Display

CBG143W  1 Set Min  36Pcs Glass 1.5"Dia x.5"H

Vintage Seeds Magnets -Vintage Seeds Magnet Dsply 36Pcs Glass

CBG135W  1Set Min 36Pc Magnet 1.5"Dia x.38"H

Vintage Mushroom Magnet Display ~Vintage Mushroom Magnet Display

CBG136W  1Set Min 36Pcs 1.5"Dia x.38"H

Vintage Bird and Butrerfly Magnets ~Vintage Bird/Butterfly Magnet Display

CBG137W  36Pcs 1.5"Dia x.38"H

Watercolor Birds Magnet ~Watercolor Birds Magnet Display

CBG138W  36Pcs Glass 1.5"Dia x.38"H

Cats On Parade Magnet ~Cats On Parade Magnet Display

CBG139W 1Set Min 36Pcs Stand 8.75x10.75"H Glass Magnet 1.5"Dia x.5"H

16th Century Watercolor Magnets ~16th Century Watercolor Magnet Display

CBG132W 1Set Min 36pc 1.5"Dia x.38"H

Desert Beauty Cactus Glass Magnets ~Desert Beauty Cactus Magnet Display

CBG133W 1Set Min 36Pcs 1.5"Dia x.38"H

Garden Friends Glass Magnets ~Woodland Garden Friends Magnet Display

CBG134W  1Set Min 36pc 1.63"Dia x.38"H

Glass Magnet Butterflies -Butterfly Glass Dome Magnets Asst 24Pc Display

MG611 - 1Display Min - 1.25”Dia x.75”H

Cactus Magnet Set -Cactus Magnets Asst 5Pc Set

EA867 - 3Set Min - 1.25x.25x1.8”H

Butterfly Square Magnet Display -Butterfly Square Magnets Asst 36Pc Display

CBG125 - 1Display Min - 1.5”Sq x.5”H

Succulent Dome Magnet Display -Succulent Dome Magnets Asst 36Pc Display

CBG126 - 1Display Min - 1.5”Dia x.5”H

Cat Square Magnet Display -Cat Square Magnets Asst 36Pc Display

CBG127 - 1Display Min - 1.25”Sq x.5”H

Buddha Garden Magnet Set Buddha Garden Magnet Set

KA147WB - 3Pc Min - 1.38"Dia

Glass Dragonfly Magnets Gift Set -Glass Dragonfly Magnets 6Pc Set

KMG2 - 4Set Min - 1.38”Dia x.75”H

Glass Butterfly Magnets Gift Set -Glass Butterfly Magnets 6Pc Set

KMG3 - 4Set Min - 1.38”Dia x.75”H

Butterfly Feather Clips -Spring Butterfly Clips Asst 12Pc Set

THH7006A - 6Set Min - 3.5x1.5”H

Nautilus Art Glass Magnets -Nautilus Art Glass Magnets 6Pc Set

KA230 - 4Set Min -1.38”Dia x.75”H