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Handbags are a must-have accessory for customers who are stylishly inclined. Not only can they create amazing contrast for your wardrobe, but they also add a pop of color to an otherwise monotone outfit. World Buyers has a wide selection of, coin purses, wristlets and clutches at wholesale prices. Your customers will be pleased with the variety of textiles used to create our selections many of which are made from recycled materials. Now you can curate a diverse collection for your store display. Shop our unique designs for wholesale handbags and coin purses online today!

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*Colorful Buddha Clasp Coin Purse 1Dz *Colorful Buddha Clasp Coin Purse 1Dz

KA276 1Doz Min 3.75x.75x3.25”H

Zsa Zsa Cat Coin Purse *Zsa Zsa Cat Clasp Coin Purse 1Dz

KA336 - 1Doz Min - 3.75x.75x3.25"H

Baby Elephant Coin Purse *Baby Elephant Coin Purse Asst.

PGG136- 1Doz Min - 4.25 x3.75"H

Unicorn King Clasp Coin Purse *Unicorn King Clasp Coin Purse Asst 1Dz

KA338WB - 1Doz Min - 3.75x.75x3.25"H

Reina Mermaid Clasp Coin Purse *Reina Mermaid Clasp Coin Purse 1Dz

KA354WB - 1Doz Min - 3.75x.75x3.25”H

Foxy Clasp Coin Purse *Foxy Clasp Coin Purse Asst 1Dz

KA373WB 1Doz Min 3.75x.75x3.25"H

Posing Cats Clasp Coin Purse *Posing Cats Clasp Coin Purse Asst Dz

KA376WB 1Doz Min 3.75x.75x3.25”H

Glam Cat Coin Purse with Metal Clasp *Doll Cat Clasp Coin Purse 1Dz

KA382 1Doz Min 3.75x.75x3.25"H

Peacock Feathers Coin Purse *Peacock Feathers Clasp Coin Purse 1Dz

KA383 1Doz Min 3.75x.75x3.25"H

Peacock Eye Feathers Coin Purse *Peacock Eye Feathers Clasp Coin Purse 1Dz

KA385 1Doz Min 3.75x.75x3.25"H

Rosy Cat Coin Purse *Rosy Cat Clasp Coin Purses Asst 1Dz

KA387 1Doz Min 3.75x.75x3.25"H

Unicorn Paradise Coin Purse *Unicorn Paradise Clasp Coin Purses Asst 1Dz

KA390 1Doz Min 3.75x.75x3.25”H

Pleather Woven Look Coin Purse *Pleather Woven Look Coin Purse 1Dz

PGG139 - 1Doz Min - 5x3.5"L

Cork Clasp Coin Purse *Cork & Gold Clasp Coin Purse

KA380 - 6Pc Min - 5x1x4.38"H
Super Clearance!

Cork & Gold Handbag with Chain *Cork & Gold Clasp Purse With Chain

KA381 6Pc Min 7.5x1x5 +7.5"Chain

Queen Bee Wristlet Purse ~Queen Bee Wristlet Purse 1Doz

Butterfly Joy Wristlet Purse

Apothecary  Wristlet Purse ~Apothecary Wristlet Purse 1Doz

KA449W - 1 Doz Min - 6x3.38"H

Skeleton Friends Purse Wristlet ~Skeleton Friends Wristlet Purse 1Doz

KA450W - 1 Doz Min - 6x3.38"H

Cosmic Buddhas Coin Purse *Cosmic Buddhas Coin Purse 1Dz

DMG20 - 1Doz Min - 5.75x4"L

Festival Elephant Zippered Pouch *Festival Elephant Zippered Pouch 1Dz

DMG22 - 1Doz Min - 5.75x4"L

Seashell Mermaids Coin Purse *Seashell Mermaids Coin Purse 1Dz

DMG26 - 1Doz Min - 5.75x4"L

Vintage Mermaids Zippered Pouch *Vintage Mermaids Coin Purse 1DZ

DMG27 - 1Doz Min - 5.75x4"L

Unicorns Coin Purse *Unicorns Coin Purse 1Dz

DMG28 - 1Doz Min - 5.75x4"L

Dream Catcher Coin Purse *Dream Catcher Coin Purse

DMG29 - 1Doz Min - 5.75x4"L

Rosy Sugar Skull Coin Purse Rosy Sugar Skull Coin Purse 1Dz

KA220 - Day of the Dead Sugar Skull clasp coin purse.  1 dozen

Sequin Elephant Coin Purse Sequin Elephant Purse w/Shoulder Strap

PG36- 1Doz Min - 5.25"sq

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Unique ethnic and contemporary wristlets, coin purses and pouches. Choose from many themes including, mermaids, animals, Buddha, skulls, bees and more.