WE ARE SHIPPING ORDERS... While many Main Street stores are now temporarily closed due to Covid-19, online stores,
online florists, etc., have asked us to continue to ship.
So, we have partially staffed our warehouse and are shipping orders every day and will do our best to ship out within 4 business days.
To help relieve just a little bit of pressure....
Opening and Reorder minimums are lowered to $100.
Day after day we wish you and yours the utmost safety and wellness.

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Your Eclectic Wholesale Décor Suppliers

Retailers, boutiques and every kind of gift store buyer shops with World Buyers for our large selection of eclectic wholesale décor. We regularly travel abroad to find unique, on-trend gift merchandise, home décor and home goods for our wholesale customers.

From small gift shops to major retailers, we offer over 50 categories filled with on-trend gifts including vintage décor, beach and marine gifts, candles and lanterns, dining and home, ceramic statuary, novelty gifts, insect specimens, parasols and more.

Buyers rely on us as the best gift wholesalers for our huge selection, quick order fulfillment and great customer service!