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You'll be amazed at the selection and value of wholesale wall decor from World Buyers. Choose from collections of marine life, butterflies, and contemporary prints on metal frames. We have a huge line of wholesale insect specimens in frames too. Are you looking for Eastern icon art? We have exciting choices in wholesale Eastern and Buddha art too!. Whether you're looking for wholesale contemporary art or afforadable wholesale canvas art World Buyers has a huge and diverse selection.
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Hamsa Incense Hldr/PaperWght/Wall Plaque Hamsa Incense Hldr/PaperWght/Wall Plaque

Golden multi-use Hamsa with Small hole in the middle for burning incense sticks. Can be hung on wall, door, etc using clip on back Or use it as paperweight! The Hamsa, is a palm-shaped amulet and commonly used in wall hangings and jewelry. Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection, it is believed to provide a shield against evil.

Buddha Plaque Cast Buddha Plaque Cast

Buddha with offering bowl. Wall plaque made of cast cement.

Buddha Plaque Cast Buddha Plaque Cast

Vitarka Buddha, "gesture of debate" often used when explaining the Buddha's teachings.
Wall plaque made of cast cement.

Buddha Face Plaque Buddha Face Plaque

Buddha plaque with serene face. Made of cast cement.

Braided Tree of Life Jute & Beads Wall Art Braided Tree of Life Jute & Beads Wall Art

Tree of life wall art made of natural jute fiber with wooden bead. Great for wall decor in any room.
16.5 " Dia + 7" hanger