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Ladybug Mug White Ceramic Butterfly Mug Butterfly Garland Glitter Mesh White
DDC195 - 8Pc Min - 3.5”Dia x5”H +1.94”Handle
DDC193 - 8Pc Min - 3.5” Dia x5”H +2”Handle THH9009B - 6Pc Min - 6x78”L
.Cottage Floral 3D Paper Butterfly Garland Butterfly Postcard Glass Dome Paperweight Island Blues Paper Butterfly Clips
THH1711 - 6Pc Min - 4.75x3x78”L KA404W - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H
BDA113 - 6Pc Min - 2.4x2.06”H
Bizzy Bee Ceramic Plate Butterfly Dish Butterfly Mug
VDC185 - 4Pc Min - 6.81x8.81x1"H DDC197 - 6Pc Min - 6.31”Dia x.75”H DDC199 - 8Pc Min - 6.31”Dia x4.13”H +1.13”Handle
Bee Mug Mallorca 3D Butterfly Garland Dragonfly with Nugget Suncatcher
DDC200 - 8Pc Min - 3.5”Dia x5.06”H +1.75”Handle THH1908 - 6Pc Min - 5.25x3.69x78”L OR927A - 6Pc Min - 9”L +Hanger
Butterfly Garland Nouveau Misty Forest Paper Butterfly Clips Forest Meadow Paper Butterfly Clips
THH1713 - 6Pc Min - 4.75x3x78”L BDA117 - 6Pc Min - 3.13x2.5”H
BDA119 - 6Pc Min - 3.13x2.75”H
Fantasy Sky Butterfly Garland Multi-Color Butterfly Garland Butterfly Garland Jeweled & Glitter
THH1808 - 6Pc Min - 4.5x3x78”L
555240 - 6Pc Min - 3x78"L - THH01 - 6Pc Min - 3.5x78”L
Butterfly Garland Multi Jeweled Butterfly Garland Glitter Royal Rainbow Glitter Butterfly Garland
THH03 - 6Pc Min - 3.5x78”L THH04 - 6Pc Min - 4x78”L THH1127 - 6Pc Min - 3x1.75x78”L
Butterfly Multicolor Garland -Spring Colors Butterfly Garland Spring Morning Butterfly Garland
THH15 - 6Pc Min - 3x78”L THH7002B - 6Pc Min - 3.5x78”L THH7006B - 6Pc Min -  3.5x78”L
Jeweled Butterfly Wall Hook Butterfly Cluster Chrystal Sun Catcher Strand Dragonfly Mini Chrystal Spinner
EA848 - 2Pc Min - 5.88x2x6"H
HCH124 - 6Pc Min - 1.9x10"L+Hgr HCH101 - 6Pc Min - 3.75x18”L +3”Hanger
Glass Paperweight Bee Print Glass Dragonfly Magnets Gift Set Purple Resin Dragonfly Suncatcher
EA22 - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H KMG2 - 4Set Min - 1.38”Dia x.75”H
Sale Price!
OR94 - 6Pc Min - 6x14”L +Hanger
Glass Paperweight Dragonfly Glass Paperweight Fuschia Butterfly Green Dragonfly Glass Paperweight
-Fuchsia Butterfly Dome Paperweight
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
-Green Dragonfly Dome Paperweight
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
PW1215 - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H PW331 - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H PW500 - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H
Butterfly Garland Glitter Pinks Marin Butterfly Plate Dragonfly Glass Dome Paperweight
THH9012B - 6Pc Min - 5.25x78”L VDC90 - 4Pc Min - 10.5x9.75x1"H
KA400W - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H
Queen Bee Glass Dome Paperweight Lavender Fields Paper Butterfly Clips Royal Pinks Purple Gltr Butterfly Garland
KA401W - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H BDA112 - 6Pc Min - 2.9x2.63”H THH05 - 6Pc Min - 4x78”L
Butterfly Multicolor Garland Pastels w/ Glitter Butterfly Garland Fall Rainbow Butterfly Garland
THH23 - 6Pc Min - 4x78”L THH7010B - 6Pc Min - 4.25x78”L THH7042B - 6Pc Min - 3.5x78”L
Single Butterfly Specimen Frame Butterfly Garland Multi-Color Butterfly Chrystal Sun Catcher
-Single Butterfly Specimen Frame
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
BTF1 - 6Pc Min - 5”Sq THH7016B - 6Pc Min - 4x78”L HCH104 - 6Pc Min - 3.75x12”L +3.5”Hanger
Butterfly Cluster Chrystal Sun Catcher Butterfly Garland Spring Colors Royal Jewels Butterfly Garland
HCH106 - 6Pc Min - 3.81x14.75”L +3.5”Hanger JL059 - 6Pc Min - 4.5x78”L THH1206 - 6Pc Min - 2.25x4x78”L
Summer Glitter Butterfly Garland Royal Jewels w/ Glitter Butterfly Garland Butterfly Garland
THH1207 - 6Pc Min - 2.5x3.5x78”L THH7004B - 6Pc Min - 4x78”L THH7005B - 6Pc Min - 4.5x78”L
Vineyard Sky Gltr Butterfly Garland Royal Color w/ Glitter Butterfly Garland -Royal Fantasy Paper Butterfly Garland
THH7018B - 6Pc Min - 5.25x78”L THH7039B - 6Pc Min - 4.5x2.25x78”L THH1603 - 6Pc Min - 4.75x3.25x78”L
Evening Fiesta Butterfly Garland Aqua Butterfly Mosaic Inlay Coconut Shell Bowl Seville Butterfly Garland
THH1805 - 6Pc Min -  4.25x3x78”L LVH40 - 4Pc Min - 5”Dia x2.25”H THH1903 - 6Pc Min - 4.75x2.5x78”L
Madrid Butterfly Garland True Monarch Butterfly Garland Castille Butterfly Garland
THH1904 - 6Pc Min - 4.75x2.5x78”L THH1905 - 6Pc Min - 4.81x2.5x78”L THH1906 - 6Pc Min - 4.25x2.81x78”L
Lavender Butterfly Garland Butterfly Garland Glitter Butterfly Garland Royal Fall
THH08 - 6Pc Min - 5x78”L THH7022B - 4PcMin - 3x7.5x78”L

THH7030B - 6Pc Min - 5x78”L
Tarifa Pastels Butterfly Garland Butterflies Feather Garland Monarch Butterfly Garland
THH1909 - 6Pc Min - 4.25x2.81x78”L 555243 - 6Pc Min - 4.5x78"L - 555244 - 6Pc Min - 4.5x78"L -
Dragonfly Garland Mesh Butterflies Garland Blue Butterfly Garland
JL016 - 6Pc Min - 3.25x78”L JL201 - 6Pc Min - 4.5x78”L JL325 - 6Pc Min - 4x78”L
Butterfly Garland Mardi Gras Jewels Glitter Butterfly Garland Rainbow Monarch Butterfly Garland
TH813B - 6Pc Min - 5.5x78” THH1126 - 6Pc Min - 5x2.5x78”L THH7032B - 6Pc Min - 4.5x78”L
Monarch Fantasy Paper Butterfly Clips Rainbow Monarch Paper Butterfly Clips Vineyard Harvest Butterfly Garland
BDA118 - 6Pc Min - 2.94x2.25”H BDA120 - 6Pc Min - 3x2.25”H JL08 - 6Pc Min - 5x78”L
White Silver Glitter Butterfly Garland Fantasy Roses Butterfly Garland Butterfly Garland Multi Glitter
THH1132 - 6Pc Min - 5x2.5x78”L THH1803 - 6Pc Min - 4.5x3x78”L JL200 - 6Pc Min - 5x78”L
Butterfly Garland White w/Silver Glitter Butterfly Garland Royal Fall Rainbow Butterfly & Beads Sun Catcher
Elegant white butterflies with silver and gold glitter JL324 - 4Pc Min - 7.5x78”L
OR2120M - 4Pc Min - 5.75x14”L +Hanger
Royal Blue Glitr Butterfly Garland Old World Bee Journal -Lilac Fantasy Butterfly Garland
THH9011B - 6Pc Min - 5.25x78”L ASE67 - 4Pc Min - 3.63x5.5”L THH1601 - 6Pc Min - 4.63x3x78”L
Butterfly Gold Embossed Journal Deckle Paper Vintage Honey Bee & Floral Journal Pink Mesh Butterfly Garland
ASE130 - 6Pc Min - 4x6”L ASE125 - 6Pc Min - 4x6”L Deckle Edge Paper 5F5012 - 4Pc Min - 5.25x78"L  -
Dragonflies Garland Glass Butterfly Magnets Gift Set Royal Spring Glitter Butterfly Garland
JL027 - 6Pc Min - 4.5x1.75x78”L KMG3 - 4Set Min - 1.38”Dia x.75”H THH1141 - 6Pc Min - 5.5x3.75x78”L
Butterfly Feather Clips Mardi Gras Jumbo Glitter Butterfly Garland Rainbow Glitter Butterfly Garland
THH7006A - 6Set Min - 3.5x1.5”H THH1137 - 4Pc Min - 8x3.5x78”L
THH1138 - 6Pc Min - 6.25x3.5x78”L
Wonderland Butterfly Stem Garland Pink & Black Wonderland Butterfly Stem Garland Pale Peach & Pink .Sari Royal Butterfly Garland
BDA100 - 3Pc Min - 60”L
BDA102 - 3Pc Min - 60”L
THH1602 - 6Pc Min - 5.75x3.5x78”L
Butterfly Garland Fantasy from World Buyers Butterfly Garland Summer Lavender Fields Paper Butterfly Clips
THH1707 - 6Pc Min - 5.5x3.5x78”L THH1012 - 6Pc Min - 6.5x4x78”L BDA116 - 8Pc Min - 3.8x3.4”H
Mystic Blue Paper Butterfly Clips -Dark Royals Butterfly Garland -Vineyard Eve Butterfly Garland
-Mystic Blue Paper Butterfly Clips Lrg
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
BDA115 - 6Pc Min - 4.2x3.7”H THH1015 - 6Pc Min - 6x3.5x78”L THH1016 - 6Pc Min - 6x4x78”L
Monarch Butterfly Garland Jumbo Fall Mesh Butterfly Garland Butterfly Specimens Framed
-Butterfly Specimens Framed
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
THH1018 - 4Pc Min - 6x3x78”L THH1140 - 3Pc Min - 6.5x4.5x78”L BTF2 - 4Pc Min - 5x7”H
Butterfly Garland Glitter Vintage Butterfly Gold Embossed Journal Butterflies Garland Jumbo
THH7023B - 4Pc Min - 7.5x78”L ASE150 - 3Pc Min - 6x.5x8”L Price is each. JL044 - 4Pc Min - 8x78”L
Monarch Jumbo Butterfly Garland Wonderland Butterfly Hanging Globe Pink Small Fuschia Gold Glitter Butterfly Garland
JL045 - 4Pc Min - 8.5x78”L BDA103 - 3Pc Min - 18”Dia +48”Stem
TH811B - 4Pc Min - 6.5x78”L
Paper Coaster Butterflies Paper Coaster Dragonflies Honey Hive Bee Pot Measuring Cups
CUP102W - 1Doz Packages with 6 coasters (72 coasters!) 1Doz Min - 3.5"Dia x.03"H
CUP103W - 1Doz Packages with 6 coasters. (72 coasters!) 1Doz Min - 3.5"Dia x.03"H
VDC100 - 2Set Min - 5.25x4”H
Butterfly Garland Organza Honey Hive Hanging Ceramic Pot Butterfly Specimens Frame 3Pc Cotton Mounted
JL014 - 4Pc Min - 6x78"L VDC209 - 2Pc Min -  5.5x6"H+Rope BTF3 - 4Pc Min - 5x10”H
Spring Jumbo Butterfly Garland Monarch Butterfly Garland Butterfly Garland Monarchs
JL046 - 3Pc Min - 7.5x78”L JL043 - 3Pc Min - 8x78”L THH7026B - 3Pc Min - 7.5x78”L
Butterfly Lotus Garden Blue Parasol Cat and Dragonfly Parasol Scandi Cats Natural Paper Parasol
-Cat & Dragonfly Natural Paper Parasol
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
-Scandi Cats Natural Paper Parasol
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
WUBL272 - 3Pc Min - 33”Dia x26”H WUBL296 - 3Pc Min - 33”Dia x26”H WUBL336 - 3Pc Min - 33”Dia x26”H
Butterfly Glass Box Butterfly Sage Matchbox Butterfly Specimens Framed
KA45 - 2Pc Min - 5.25x3.25x2.25”H ANN220 - 1Doz Min - 4.38x2.44x.75"H BTF39 - 2Pc Min - 6x15”H
Giant Moth Specimens Framed Butterfly Double Glass Framed Dragonfly Specimens Framed
-Single Great Atlas Moth Specimen Frame
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
BTF40 - 2Pc Min - 10.5x8”H BTF68 - 4Pc Min - 6.25”Sq BTF79 - 4Pc Min - 5.75x14.75”H
Butterfly Specimens Framed Vintage Bugs  Mini Paper Journal Vintage Eyesight Mini Paper Journal
BTF7 - 2Pc Min - 5x21”H ASE156 - 1Doz Min - 2x3”L ASE157 - 1Doz Min - 2x3”L
Vintage Sealife Mini Paper Journal Single Large Spider Frame Butterfly Specimens Framed
-Butterfly Specimens Framed
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
ASE159 - 1Doz Min - 2x3”L BGF38 - 2Pc Min - 6.75”Sq BTF8 - 2Pc Min - 12x8”H
Assorted Wood Beetle Ornaments Folk Art Insects Large Matchbox Asst 24Pk Recycled Magazine Butterfly Ornament
BDA111 - 1Set Min - 3”L +Rope
ANN402 - 1Pack Min - 4.38x2.44x.75"H
Sale Price!
TLV111 - 1Doz Min - 4.75x.25x3.”L +Hanger
Dragonfly Mini Journal Deckle Edge Paper Recycled Magazine Bee Ornament Queen Bee Wristlet Purse
ASE131 - 1Doz Min - 2x3”L
TLV149 - 1Doz Min - 4.5x.25x3.38"L +Hanger
Colors may vary.
Butterfly Joy Wristlet Purse
Vintage Dragonfly Mini Matchbox Assorted Wood Butterfly Ornaments Specimen Beetles Large Matchbox Asst 24Pk
-Driftwood Butterfly Ornaments Asst 48Pc Set
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
ANN383 - 1Pack Min - 2.19x1.5x.56"H BDA110 - 1Set Min - 3"L +Rope ANN401 - 1Pack Min - 4.38x2.44x.75"H
Insect Specimens Large Matchbox Asst 24Pk Vintage Butterfly Mini Tie Journal Dragonfly Glass Tray
ANN404 - 1Pack Min - 4.38x2.44x.75"H ASE149 - 1Set Min - 2x3”L KA153 - 1Doz Min - 3.75”Sq
Butterfly Garden Clasp Coin Purse Dragonfly Garden Clasp Coin Purse Honey Bee Coin Purse
KA368WB - 1Doz Min - 3.75x.75x3.25”H KA369WB - 1Doz Min - 3.75x.75x3.25”H KA370WB - 1Doz Min - 3.75x.75x3.25”H
Bee Meadow Glass Tray Glass Magnet Butterflies Lots O'Bugs Beetle Specimens
KA451W - 1Doz Min - 4.25”Sq MG611 - 1Display Min - 1.25”Dia x.75”H BGF9 - 1Pc Min - 8x6”H
Butterfly & Dragonfly Square Matchbox Asst 60Pk Busy Bees Tube Matchbox Butterfly Collage Tube Matchbox Asst 48Pk
ANN407 - 1Pack Min - 2.25"Sq x.75"H ANN410 - 1Pack Min - 1.13"Dia x3.38"H ANN411 - 1Pack Min - 1.13"Dia x3.38"H
Butterfly Square Magnet Display Butterfly Specimens Framed Bee Garden Pill Box
-Butterfly Specimens Framed
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
CBG125 - 1Display Min - 1.5”Sq x.5”H BTF15 - 2Pc Min - 20.75x10”H KA439W 1 Dozen Min  2.13x1.75x.06”H
Chrystal Sun Catcher Mini Spinner Bee Hive Glass Ornament Beetles and Bugs Collection in Frame
HCH108 - 1Doz Min - 2x13”L +3.5”Hanger MTC103 - 1Doz Min - 3”Dia x3.25”H +Hanger BGF10 - 1Pc Min - 14x8”H
Bug Frame Collection Dozen Asstd Small Bug Frame
-Single Insect Specimen Frames Asst 1Dz
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
-Small Bug Frames Double Pane Glass Asst 1Dz
Out of Stock - Click on image, then "Email me when back in stock."
TJGCWB - 1Doz Min - 5”Sq BG1 - 1Doz Min - 4”Sq