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World Buyers has the most amazing prices in our wholesale jewelry and accessories closeout category. So, boost your bottom line and take advantage before stock runs out! Our wholesale clearance items begin at a whopping 50% off regular price and the discounts increase from there. NOTE: SHIPPING RATES DO NOT CHANGE WITH CLEARANCE PRICED ITEMS.
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Sequin Elephant Purse Sequin Elephant Purse 1Dz

Bright, colorful and shimmering! Assorted colors in this dozen selection. Purse is 4x4 with 24" strap. Clearance price shown now 50% off.
Product Dimensions: 5" H x 3.75" W x 0.75" L

Elephant Sequin Bag Elephant Sequin Bag Asst 1Dz

Assorted colors on edging and elephants. Elephants bodies are covered in silver sequins.
Product Dimensions: 5.25Dia w/24"Strap Clearance price shown nearly 50% off.

Buddha Macrame Bracelet Buddha Macrame Bracelet 96Pc

Buddha macrame bracelet. 1 display 96 pcs 1.05 ea Clearance price shown is 50% off!

Silver Bead Macrame Bracelet Silver Bead Macrame Bracelet 96Pc

Silver Bead Macrame Bracelet 1 display 96 pcs 1.25 ea
CLEARANCE Price shown Now 50% off!

Wood Cross Macrame Bracelet Wood Cross Macrame Bracelet 96Pc

Wood Cross Macrame  Bracelet 1 display 96 pcs 1.60 ea

Shell Macrame Bracelet Shell Macrame Bracelet Display

Macrame and shell bracelet. Display holds 96 bracelets in assorted colors. Handmade jewelry.1.75 ea CLEARANCE PRICE SHOWN IS NOW 50% OFF!