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World Buyers has the most amazing prices in our wholesale closeouts category. So, boost your bottom line and take advantage before stock runs out! Our wholesale clearance items begin at a whopping 50% off regular price and the discounts increase from there. NOTE: SHIPPING RATES DO NOT CHANGE WITH CLEARANCE PRICED ITEMS.
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Sprite Lights RED Sprite Lights RED

Use fanciful Sprite Lights in any environment and watch the magic happen. Little glowing balls of colors, slowly light and dim to create an enchanting atmosphere. Lights can be threaded as garland to hang from tree branches, or tuck into shrubs, etc. AND - they float in water! Use in smaller ponds and create garland for pools. Each package contains 6 LED lights. .5" diameter. Product is small and contains batteries. Should not be accessible to children while in use or stored.
Clearance price shown over 80% off.

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Dachshund Candle Holder Dachshund Candle Holder

This little guy is allowed on the table! Imagine several "walking" down your tablescape.
Clearance price shown now nearly 50% off!

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Skull Mosaic Mirror Skull Mosaic Mirror Earth

Hundreds of glass tiles in rich colors compose this unique mosaic skull.Has wall hanger on back.
Product Dimensions: 8.25" H x 7.5" W x 0.44" L Clearance price shown now 50% off!

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Hearts Strand Beads and Bell Hearts Garland Beads and Bell

Colorful handmade 22 Fabric Heart strand with glass beads and weighted with brass bell.
Product Dimensions: 50" L Clearance price shown now 50% off.

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Aqua Jeweled Peacock Tray Aqua Jewelled Peacock Tray

Beautiful peacock showing her bejeweled feathers. Use as accent or ring tray.
Clearance price show now 50% off.

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Sandy Turtle Tray Sandy Turtle Tray

Little Sandy turtle tray. Perfect size for jewelry or trinkets. 4Min. Clearance price shown now 50% off.

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Driftwood Dragon Tree Driftwood Dragon Tree

Unique driftwood tree or imagine dragons!
CLEARANCE Price shown Now 50% off!
Suggest Western USA shipping only. This is larger box at reduced price. Shipping rate remains the same on clearance items.
Product Dimensions: 21" H x 8" W x 8" L

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