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Glass Paperweight Dragonfly *Crowned Dragonfly Dome Paperweight

PW1215 - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H

Dragonfly Glass Dome Paperweight *Dragonfly Dome Paperweight

KA400W - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H

Dragonfly with Nugget Suncatcher -Dragonfly with Nugget Suncatcher

OR927A - 6Pc Min - 9”L +Hanger

Glass Dragonfly Magnets Gift Set *Glass Dragonfly Magnets 6Pc Set

KMG2 - 4Set Min - 1.38”Dia x.75”H

Purple Resin Dragonfly Suncatcher -Purple Resin Dragonfly Suncatcher

OR94 - 6Pc Min - 6x14”L +Hanger

Green Dragonfly Glass Paperweight ADS-Green Dragonfly Dome Paperweight

PW500 - 4Pc Min - 3”Dia x1.5”H

Dragonfly Garland Mesh -Forest Mesh Dragonfly Garland

JL016 - 6Pc Min - 3.25x78”L

Paper Coaster Dragonflies *Dragonflies Paper Coasters 1Dz Pks

CUP103W - 1Doz Packages with 6 coasters. (72 coasters!) 1Doz Min - 3.5"Dia x.03"H

Cat and Dragonfly Parasol -Cat & Dragonfly Natural Paper Parasol

WUBL296 - 3Pc Min - 33”Dia x26”H

Scandi Cats Natural Paper Parasol -Scandi Cats Natural Paper Parasol

WUBL336 - 3Pc Min - 33”Dia x26”H

Dragonfly Specimens Framed -Dragonfly Specimens Frame

BTF79 - 4Pc Min - 5.75x14.75”H

Folk Art Insects Large Matchbox Asst 24Pk *Folk Art Insects Large Matchboxes 24Pack

ANN402 - 1 24Pack Min - 4.38x2.44x.75"H

Vintage Dragonfly Mini Matchbox -Vintage Dragonfly Mini Matchboxes Asst 60Pack

ANN383 - 1Pack Min - 2.19x1.5x.56"H

Vintage Dragonflies Mini Matchbox Asst 60Pk ^Vintage Dragonflies Mini Matchbox Asst 60Pk

ANN462 - 1 60Pk Min - 2.19x1.5x.56"H

Dragonfly Glass Tray -Dragonfly Glass Tray Asst 1Dz

KA153 - 1Doz Min - 3.75”Sq

Dragonfly Garden Clasp Coin Purse -Dragonfly Garden Clasp Coin Purses Asst 1Dz

KA369WB - 1Doz Min - 3.75x.75x3.25”H

Butterfly & Dragonfly Square Matchbox Asst 60Pk -Butterfly & Dragonfly Square Matchboxes 60Pack

ANN407 - 1 60Pack Min - 2.25"Sq x.75"H