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Capiz Chime Spiral Capiz Chime Spiral

Cool & Breezy Ocean Look.Blue Green White

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Margarita Capiz Chime Margarita Capiz Shell Chime

This Margarita capiz shell chime is eye catching with its bright, citrusy colors and pearlescent shine!

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Sunset Capiz Chime Sunset Capiz Chime

Its always Summer with this capiz shell chime that features warm and vibrant colors reminiscent of a beautiful tropical sunset.

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Summer Day Capiz Shell Chime Summer Day Capiz Shell Chime

Its always Summer with the soft island sounds of capiz shell chimes.
4.75 x 30"l +6"Hngr

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Mayday Mobile Mayday Mobile

Mayday Mobile with flowers, beads, shells & tassels
2pc minimum. Must order in increments of 2.

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Sunray Macrame Wall Decor Sunray Macrame Wall Decor

Sunray Macrame Wall Decor. 16"dia x 10"tassels

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Multi Color Capiz Chime Multi Color Capiz Chime

Beautiful Spiral Multi Color Capiz Shell Chime

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Ocean Bay Chime Ocean Bay Capiz Shell Chime

Beautiful blue gradient capiz shell chime.

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Ocean Cove Chime Ocean Cove Capiz Shell Chime

Multi-color capiz shell chime with cool and calming ocean colors.

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Confetti Pom Pom Mobile Confetti Pom Pom Mobile

Confetti Pom Pom Mobile
Price shown now nearly 50% off!


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Rainbow Capiz Shell and Metal Tube Chimes Rainbow Capiz Shell and Tube Chime

Colorful rainbow capiz chime.
2.75 x 14"L +3.75"Hngr


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Sunset Rainbow Capiz Shell Chime Sunset Rainbow Capiz Shell Chime

It's always Summer with the soft island sounds of capiz shell chimes. Featuring colors reminiscent of a tropical sunset.
5.5 x 26"L +5"Hngr

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Blue Glass Suncatcher Mobile Rainwater Glass Suncatcher Purple & Blue

Blue and purple glass chime with beads!

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Multi-Color Glass Suncatcher Rainwater Glass Suncatcher with Tube Chimes

Suncatcher glass chime with lots of color and beads!

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Mirror Mobile Mirror Mobile/Suncatcher

Mirror Mobile/Suncatcher
17 Mirrors. 21" Length. the largest mirror disc is 8.5" in diameter.
sun catcher
Product Dimensions: 21" H x 8.5" W

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Rainbow Glass & Mirror Mobile Rainbow Glass & Mirror Suncatcher

Rainbow Glass & Mirror Suncatcher
Interesting design and shape with lots of color and beads!
sun catcher

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Wire & Colorful Nuggets Mobile Wire & Colorful Nuggets Suncatcher

Colorful suncatcher.
Product Dimensions:
19" H
sun catcher

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Elephant & Parasol Bead Mobile Elephant & Parasol Bead Mobile

Colorful mobile with lucky baby elephants!
Length includes string hanger.
Product Dimensions: 20" H x 4" W

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Sun & Glass Nugget Suncatcher Sun & Glass Nugget Suncatcher

Sun with Glass Nugget Suncatcher 9"
Product Dimensions: 9" H
sun catcher

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Rainbow Butterfly & Beads Sun Catcher Rainbow Butterfly & Beads Suncatcher

Multi-colors on this 13-winged butterfly suncatcher with hanging beads.

Product Dimensions: 14" H x 5.75" W
sun catcher

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Love Birds On Branch Sun Catcher Love Birds On Branch Suncatcher

Another real sweet suncatcher full of color and cheer!
Product Dimensions: 9" H x 6" W
sun catcher

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Love Birds & Hearts Suncatcher Love Birds & Hearts Suncatcher

Sweet little birds and hearts suncatcher.
Product Dimensions: 18" H x 3" W
sun catcher

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Dragonfly with Nugget Suncatcher Dragonfly with Nugget Suncatcher

Popular little dragonfly suncatcher with glass nuggets.
Product Dimensions: 9" H
sun catcher

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Purple Resin Dragonfly Suncatcher Purple Resin Dragonfly Suncatcher

Sometimes hard to find dragonfly decor is now at the ready with this colorful creature. Pretty shade of purple and sunset!
sun catcher
Product Dimensions: 14" H x 6" W

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Sun with Nuggets Ornament Sun w/Nuggets Suncatcher

Sun w/Nuggets Suncatcher
Product Dimensions:
8" H
sun catcher

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Diamond Mirror Mobile Diamond Mirror Mobile

Great for event decor!
Product Dimensions: 48" H x 2.25" W

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Suncatcher Hummingbird Mobile Suncatcher Hummingbird Mobile

This is a real pretty hummingbird suncatcher and mobile with lots of beads. It has two hibiscus flowers too!
Product Dimensions: 5.5" W x 14" L
sun catcher

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Owl Dream Catcher Owl Dream Catcher

Full of soft feathers and on the watch for passing dreams..
9.1875x 13"H +6"Hanger

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Stained Glass Rainbow Chime Stained Glass Rainbow Chime

Rainbow chime suncatcher.

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Capiz Chime Multi-Color Capiz Chime Multi-Color

Bamboo arch with 5 Shell strands of Confetti Color Capiz Shells.


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