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Five Elephant Strand w/ Glass Beads Five Elephant Strand w/ Glass Beads

Five little elephants dressed for the "Holi" festival of colors in India.
Product Dimensions: 26" H x 2.75" W

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Sachie Tassel and Bead Garland Sachie Bead and Clothespin Photo Garland

Fun garland with wood beads and 5 mini clothespins to display your photos.
Order in increments of 6,12...
1.5x 64"L

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Hearts Bead Strand Hearts Bead Strand

Product Dimensions: 45" H x 2.63" W

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Hearts and Beads Strand Hearts and Beads Strand

Five colorful hearts and beads including a weighting bell.
Product Dimensions: 42" H x 2.63" W

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Elephant & Parasol Bead Mobile Elephant & Parasol Bead Mobile

Colorful mobile with lucky baby elephants!
Length includes string hanger.
Product Dimensions: 20" H x 4" W

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Pom Poms and Bead Strand Pom Poms and Bead Strand

Fun and colorful pom pom and wood bead stand.
Product Dimensions: 37" L

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Savion  PomPom Garland Savion PomPom Garland

Colorful PomPom and wood bead garland decor.
Order in increments of 6,12...


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Saxby PomPom Garland Saxby PomPom and Bead Garland Strand

Colorful PomPom and wood bead garland decor.
Order in increments of 6,12...

1.5 x 54"L 6/31.50

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Rainbow Wood Bead Strand Rainbow Wood Bead Strand

Fun and colorful tassel and bead strand.
Product Dimensions: 1" W x 48" L

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Sivena PomPom Garland Sivena PomPom Garland

Whimsical garland strand with colorful poms, tassels, ribbons and wood beads.
Order in increments of 6,12...
1.5x 64"L

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Rainbow Glass & Mirror Mobile Rainbow Glass & Mirror Suncatcher

Rainbow Glass & Mirror Suncatcher
Interesting design and shape with lots of color and beads!
sun catcher

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Diamond Mirror Mobile Diamond Mirror Mobile

Great for event decor!
Product Dimensions: 48" H x 2.25" W

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Suncatcher Hummingbird Mobile Suncatcher Hummingbird Mobile

This is a real pretty hummingbird suncatcher and mobile with lots of beads. It has two hibiscus flowers too!
Product Dimensions: 5.5" W x 14" L
sun catcher

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Mirror Garland Harmony Message Mirror Garland w/Harmony Messages

Etched onto mirrors are the words Peace Love Strength Beauty amp; Harmony and also written in Japanese on other side.
Product Dimensions: 2"x38"H

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Round Mirror Garland Round Mirror Garland

Round Cut Mirror Garland Eac mirror is approx. .88" and total strand length is 80" .
Product Dimensions: 80" H x 0.88" W

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Mini Fabric Bird Strand Mini Fabric Bird Strand

Charming fabric folk craft strands are created with 31 birds! Commonly called Prosperity Hens. Embellished with beads and weighted with a brass bell.

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Fabric Elephant Strand Fabric Elephant Strand

Cute fabric elephant strand with beads and bells.

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Wire & Colorful Nuggets Mobile Wire & Colorful Nuggets Suncatcher

Colorful suncatcher.
Product Dimensions:
19" H
sun catcher

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Aqua Capiz Shell Soft Shell Chime Mobile Aqua Capiz Shell Soft Shell Chime Mobile

Delicate aqua capiz shell chime.
Product Dimensions: 8 x 20.5"L + 5" hanger

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Day of the Dead Skeleton Chime Day of the Dead Skeleton Chime

Unique skeleton chime for year-round and holiday use! Hand carved and painted. Colors and design may vary slightly.

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Mirror Mobile Mirror Mobile/Suncatcher

Mirror Mobile/Suncatcher
17 Mirrors. 21" Length. the largest mirror disc is 8.5" in diameter.
sun catcher
Product Dimensions: 21" H x 8.5" W

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Silvie Tassel and Bead Garland Silvie Tassel and Bead Garland 1Dz

Fun tassle garland strand with colorful wood beads.
1 dozen garlands is the unit. Order in increments of 1, 2, 3 ....

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Square Mirror Hanger Square Mirror Hanger 1Dz

Create reflective designs all around when you hang this modern mirror strand.
(Larger shape is .75")
Product Dimensions: 68" H x 0.75" W

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