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Looking for the best wholesale clearance in the trade? World Buyers has a great selection of wholesale mark-downs in the gift industry. In fact, get deals as low as one dollar clearance items! Whether you’re opening and stocking a new store or want to offer your long-time customers special deals, you have come to the right spot! Find discounted wholesale goods like ceramics, tabletop decor, general gifts and much more. Shop wholesale deals with World Buyers today!

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Paper Triangle Bunting Garland *Paper Triangle Bunting Act II Print

SK136 - 12Pc Min - 10'L
Super Clearance!

Dew Drop String Lights Moss Green *Dew Drop String Lights Moss Green

ROE102 - 6Pc Min - 6.5'L

*Paper Triangle Bunting Royal Gltr *Paper Triangle Bunting Royal Gltr

SK141 - 6Pc Min - 10'L

Paper Triangle Bunting Neon Glitter *Paper Triangle Bunting Neon

SK50 - 6Pc Min - 10'L
Super Clearance!

Paper Skull Bunting with Metallic Gold *Paper Skull Bunting with Metallic Gold

SK144 - 4Pc Min - 120"L
Super Clearance!

Paper Skull Bunting with Metallic Gold *Paper Skull Bunting with Metallic Gold

SK145 - 4Pc Min - 120"L
Super Clearance!

Blue Daisy Glass Knob *Blue Daisy Glass Knob

TA85 - 12Pc Min - 1.13"Dia x1.5"L +Screw

Iridescent Box LED String Lights *Iridescent Box LED String Lights

TZD28 - 12Pc Min - 10'L with timer.
Super Blowout Clearance!

*Dream Catcher Wood Beads w/Feathers *Dream Catcher Wood Beads w/Feathers

LBH105 - 12Pc Min - 8x16"L +4"Hanger

Dream Catcher Black Beads w/Feathers *Dream Catcher Black Beads w/Feathers

LBH106 - 12Pc Min - 12x20"L +5"Hanger

Branch Dream Catcher Natural Beads w/Feathers *Branch Dream Catcher Black Beads w/Feathers

LBH107 - 16Pc Min - 7.75x16"L +3"Hanger

Dream Catcher Jute Natural Beads & Feathers *Dream Catcher Jute Natural Beads & Feathers

LBH108 - 12Pc Min - 11.63x24"L +6"Hanger

Sachie Tassel and Bead Garland *Sachie Bead and Clothespin Photo Garland

DLS110 - 6Pc Min - 1.5x64"L
Super Clearance!

Little Pig Ring Tray *Little Pig Ring Tray

DDC152 - 8Pc Min - 4.38x4.44x.81"H

Hedgehog Ring Tray *Hedgehog Ring Tray

DDC153 - 8Pc Min - 4.5x4.19x.56"H

Little Hedgehog Ring Tray *Little Hedgehog Ring Tray

DDC155 - 16Pc Min - 4.38x4.06x.63"H

Rocket Ship Planter *Planter Pot Spaceship

XD138 - 6Pc Min - 4.75x10.25x1.25"H
Please Read Description.
Super Clearance!

Natural Untreated Chubby Wood Coasters *Natural Untreated Chubby Wood Coasters 1Dz

LBH100 - 1Doz Min - Approx. 3.5-5"Dia

*Buddha Clasp Coin Purse 1Dz *Buddha Clasp Coin Purse 1Dz

KA276 1Doz Min 3.75x.75x3.25”H
Blow Out

Reindeer Ornament Metal Rusty Brown *Reindeer Ornament Metal Rusty Brown 1Dz

HCT112 - 1Doz Min - 7.88x.03x7"L +2.5"Hanger


KA160 1Dozen 3.75"Sq

ST VALENTINA & MUERTA MATCHBOX *St. Valentina & Muerta Large Matchbox 1Dz

ANN217 - 1Doz Min - 4.38x2.44x.75"H

LOVELY LUNA AND MASTER MARCOS MATCHBOX *Lovely Luna & Master Marcos Large Matchbox 1Dz

ANN218 - 1Doz Min - 4.38x2.44x.75"H

Flower Knob  Blue Ceramic *Flower Knob Blue Ceramic 1Dz

DNB40 - 1Doz Min - 2"Dia x1.13"L + Screw
Super Clearance!

Unicorn Paradise Keyring *Unicorn Paradise Key Ring 1Dz

KA330 - 1Doz Min - 1.25"Dia x4"L

Unicorn Prince Key Chain *Unicorn Prince Key 1Dz

SCC73WB - 1Doz Min - 1.31x1.63"H +Chain

Lucky Unicorn Horn Pen *Lucky Unicorn Horn Pen 1Dz

SCC86 - 1Doz Min - 1x5"L

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