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If you are looking to improve your home accessories collection with hand-crafted accessories, our collection of artistic home decor offers exotic additions to any retail environment. This decorative selection of wholesale home decor offers the greatest variety from many countries. Whether your shoppers are looking for a new ceramic dish, they’ll be sure to stop in their tracks for these exclusive items. Expand your selection and shop our catalog of wholesale home and dining accessories at World Buyers.

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Dozen Asstd Small Bug Frame Dozen Asstd Small Bug Frame

Assortment of bugs in double glass wood frames.

Bug Frame Collection Bug Frame Collection 1DZ

Great Collection! Use as set or individually.

Rainbow Braided Rug Rainbow Braided Rug Lrg

Colorful handmade braided rug.
Cotton blend.
Product Dimensions: 47" W x 70" L

Beetles and Bugs Collection in Frame Beetles and Bugs Collection in Frame

Assorted Beetles and Bugs. Note: Assortment and arrangement may vary. Not all displays have the same specimens.
BGF10 MOQ = 1

Butterfly Specimens Framed Butterfly Specimens Framed

Butterfly specimens assortment of 15 with name labels in one frame.

Round Jute Rug Round Jute Rug

Beautiful spiral round jute rug.
Product Dimensions: 40" Dia

Sand and Ocean Jute Rug Sand and Ocean Jute Rug

Beautiful round jute rug woven with multi-tone blue spiral. Very nice! Image does not do this rug justice.... your customers will love it.
Product Dimensions: 40" Dia

Whitney Whale Ceramic Tray Whitney Whale Ceramic Tray 1Dz

Little whale cutie ceramic tray.

Lots O'Bugs Beetle Specimens Lots O'Bugs Beetle Specimens

Museum quality specimens of bugs/beetles.
Assortments can vary.

Rosy Cat Glass Tray Rosy Cat Glass Tray Asst Dz

Darling wide-eyed cats surrounded with flowers. 4 unique designs. 1 dozen trays.
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W x 3.75" L

Sugar Skull Drink Glass Sugar Skull Drink Glass Asst 1Doz

Clear drinking glasses with assorted sugar skull designs! Almost 6" tall. Your drink color will fill the clear areas of each skull!
Product Dimensions: 2.375 x 5.75"H


River Washed Elephant Tray River Washed Elephant Tray Asst Dz

Ceramic trays with rich glazes. Perfect tray for a trinket or two...
Product Dimensions: 1" H x 3.63" W x 3.63" L

Midnite Butterfly Glass Coaster Midnite Butterfly Glass Coaster Asst Dz

1 doz glass coasters featuring vibrant butterflies contrasted on an elegant black background.
Product Dimensions: 1.125 x .438"H

Owl Paradise Glass Tray Owl Paradise Glass Tray Asst Dz

Unique owl design in three color variations. Assorted dozen.
Product Dimensions: 3.75"sq

Festival Elephant Glass Trays Festival Elephant Glass Trays 1Dz

Posing on these trays are traditionally painted parade elephants! 6 of each style.
Product Dimensions: 3.75 Sq

Dancing Skeletons Glass Tray Dancing Skeletons Glass Tray

WB Exclusive item! Dancing skeletons at dusk - what could be more fun! 1 doz trays
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W x 3.75" L

Googlie Xanimals w/Clip Googlie Xanimals w/Clip Asst DZ

These are tooo cute! Check out the details on these fun little charms. Animals of all kinds and shapes. (Each has circle keychain.)
Sizes vary.

Sea Life Glass Tray Sea Life Glass Tray 1Dz

Sealife on print ephemera background. Popular assortment.Assorted dozen. 3.75 sq"
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W

Royal Birds Glass Trays Royal Birds Glass Trays 1Dz

Vintage style illustartions of crowned birds. Assorted dozen. 3.75 sq"
Product Dimensions: 3.75" H x 3.75" W

Glass Compass Tray Glass Compass Tray Asst Doz

Vintage style drawing of compass designs. Trays are slightly concave.
Assorted doz. 4.125 Dia"

Butterfly Trays Butterfly Trays Asst DZ

Petite glass dishes with colorful variety of butterfly images. Use a trinket dish or place these colorful nature images anywhere.
Artwork may vary slightly to images.
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W

Glass Bird Tray Glass Bird Tray Asst Dz

Lovely little bird drawings on small glass trays. Use for trinkets or just add little accent of color anywhere! Artwork may vary slightly to images.
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W

Foxy Glass Tray Foxy Glass Tray Assorted 1 Dz

Round glass trays in foxy colors! See fox magnets item KA181.Assorted dozen.
Product Dimensions: 4"dia


Octopus Glass Trays Octopus Glass Trays Asst Dz

"Inky" guys are so popular! See all our octopus gifts - just enter "octopus" in the search box.Assorted dozen. 3.75 sq"
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W

Dragonfly Glass Tray Dragonfly Glass Tray 1Dz

Did you know that dragonflies symbolize hope, purity and continuity? Next time one appears, it is giving you a "sign"...
Lovely assortment of dragonfly art grace these glass trays.
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W x 3.75" L

Royal Canine Glass Tray Royal Canine Glass Tray 1Dz

These dogs rule! Six wonderful dog trays in set of one dozen.
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W x 3.75" L

Royal Feline Glass Tray Royal Feline Glass Tray 1Dz

Yes, literally, cats rule their domains.Assorted dozen.
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W x 3.75" L

Colorful Buddha Tray Colorful Buddha Tray Asst Doz

Colorful glass trays with Buddha face. Assorted dozen.
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W x 3.75" L

Old World Map Glass Trays Old World Map Glass Trays 1Dz

Vintage world map in set of 12.
Product Dimensions: 4" W

Moon Face & Eye Glass Trays Moon Face & Eye Glass Trays

Man in the moon face trays and his eye has skull in pupil! Interesting and unique.. 1 Dozen
Product Dimensions: 4" W x 4" L

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