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Find wholesale closeouts, clearance at greatly reduced prices.      SHIPPING RATES ON CLEARANCE ITEMS DO NOT CHANGE.  As with all products, rates are based on box weight; dimension and destination from California  If you have questions about Wholesale Clearance Items or shipping please call 800 996 7531 Ext 106.MATCHES ONLY SHIP WITHIN CONTINENTAL USA.  NO CANADIAN OR OVERSEAS SHIPMENTS.
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Metallic Glass Mosaic Frame Metallic Glass Mosaic Frame

Colors for any space fill these multi-colored foil glass tiles for a picture perfect frame.


Abstract Buddha Glass Tray 1Dz Abstract Buddha Glass Tray 1Dz

Unique and modern version of Buddha face.
Assorted Dozen
CLEARANCE Price shown Now 65% off!
Product Dimensions: 3.75" W x 3.75" L